‘The Voice’ Coaches Tease Major Surprise To Come

The Voice YouTube Channel

Up to this point, everything we’ve seen from The Voice this season has been pre-taped. But that will all change on Monday (April 17), which is when the first live show of the season will air.

Until the live shows, the coaches have the power to decide who stays on the show and who gets sent home. Once the live shows air, it is left up to viewers to vote for their favorite contestant so they can make it through to the next phase of the competition.

Since the coaches have to cut so many contestants in the pre-tapped segments of the show, they often wish that they could have kept just one more person. The Voice came up with an interesting solution for this conflict in Season 9 when they introduced the “coach comeback.”

The premise of the coach comeback is that each coach can invite back one contestant that was previously eliminated on the show. This allows them the chance to welcome back an artist they really didn’t want to part ways with. It also gives each comeback contestant one final chance to fight for their dream on the live shows.

Fans loved the coach comeback so much that The Voice decided to make it a permanent part of the show after Season 9. So once the knockouts wrapped up on the current season, fans were curious to know if the coach comeback would be used again.

Well there’s no need to wait any longer. On Tuesday (April 11), The Voice teased a major surprise to come when it revealed the return of the coach comeback. The short video shows the four coaches talking about how excited they are to give their respective comeback contestants another shot on the show.

I really, really was sad about a certain person,” said Adam Levine. “So the fact we get to bring them back is awesome.”

It’s just fun to bring people back,” added Gwen Stefani. “You never want to see anyone go in the first place.

Of course, the coaches didn’t reveal exactly who they selected for their coach comebacks. That means we’ll just have to wait for the first live show on Monday so we can see who all of the comeback artists are!

Go ahead and watch The Voice’s teaser video about the comeback artists below. Who would you like to see come back on Monday night? Let us know in the comments!