Christina Grimmie’s Biggest Dream Just Came True

YouTube/Inside Edition

Just a little more than seven months after the beautiful young singer lost her life at a venue in Orlando, Florida, one of the biggest dreams she ever had has finally come true.

Known for her incredible talent as a vocalist, her loyal YouTube fan following, and her earth-shaking performance alongside coach Adam Levine on The Voice, 22-year-old Christina Grimmie was one of the most promising young people headed toward stardom.

Tragically, Grimmie’s life was cut far too short. On June 10th, 2016 following a performance at an Orlando venue, the young and talented singer was shot during a meet-and-greet with fans. Hours later, the police department confirmed that Grimmie had succumbed to her injuries.

During her short career, Grimmie released several musical projects including one EP and one studio album. Later on, her performances from The Voice were also released as singles and some even charted in the Top 10 on the US Heat chart. Her biggest dream, though, was to one day be signed to a major record label and have them distributing the music she poured her heart and soul into.

In a stunning and heartwarming announcement earlier today, her lifelong dream has been realized in a way that nobody ever expected! Republic Records released the official lyric video for Christina Grimmie’s new posthumous single, “Invisible” and is working on distribution of her music!

Grimmie’s parents opened up to People Magazine about the new musical project and what it means to them that their daughter’s legacy can continue reaching people.

“This new project is some of the best music our daughter ever created. She was so excited about the new direction her music was taking,” her mother said to the publication, with her father adding, “We’re so grateful to Universal Music Group and Republic Records for recognizing our daughter’s potential and amazing talent by expressing a desire to honor her by distributing this music.”

In a post to her official Twitter account, the team behind the project released a statement expressing the magnitude of this release and what they believe it would mean to the young star if she were here today.

“As an independent artist, Christina dreamed of a major record label distributing her music. That dream has COME TRUE for our dear angel…Universal Music Group, the worlds largest music company, will be releasing Christina’s new music under Republic Records,” the statement reads, in part.

We couldn’t be happier to hear that her music is getting the recognition and reach that she always dreamed of, and we are thrilled to hear that there will be likely more music released in the future through this partnership.

Watch the video for her new posthumous single below as well as one of her iconic performances on The Voice!