City Of Nashville Sues Blake Shelton’s Bar

Blake Shelton / Facebook

Blake Shelton’s Nashville-based bar has found itself in some hot water.

In January 2017, Shelton announced that he would be opening a bar and grill called Ole Red in two locations –  Nashville and Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

Both Ole Red locations are owned by Ryman Hospitality, and named after Shelton’s hit song “Ol’ Red.” The spelling of “Ol’ Red” was changed to “Ole Red” as a clever way to represent the Grand Ole Opry and Ryman Hospitality’s involvement.

The multi-story Nashville location opened in June 2018 and features a restaurant, bar, dance floor, performance space, private VIP booths, a 6,000 square foot indoor/outdoor rooftop bar, and retail space.

Ole Red Nashville made headlines on Monday night (Feb 4) when Nashville’s Metro Historic Zoning Commission filed a lawsuit against Ryman Hospitality regarding the Lower Broadway bar. According to The Tennessean, MHZC is suing Ole Red because of the lights on the exterior of the honky tonk.

While Lower Broadway is normally lit up thanks to all the bars that line the historic street, there was a policy that was passed in August 2017 that “bans colored exterior lights in districts with historic overlays.

Ole Red currently has red lights on its exterior, and the MHZC claims that Ryman Hospitality was only approved for white lights.

“Lighting should be concealed or simple and unobtrusive in design, materials, and relationship to other facade or elevation elements,” the historic permit, which was filed with the lawsuit, reads.

Both Shelton and Ryman Hospitality have yet to respond to the lawsuit.

Shelton has had several free pop up shows at the Nashville venue, most times to prepare for his next string of tour dates.

He recently had one at the end of January, and he, of course, had to perform “Ol’ Red” at at Ole Red. Watch him perform it in the video below.