Brittany Aldean Still In Hospital – Things Went ‘South’ After Labor

Brittany Aldean / Instagram

Jason & Brittany Finally Have Their Baby Girl

Earlier this week, Jason and Brittany Aldean were overjoyed to announce that their baby girl, Navy Rome, had finally arrived!

Jason and Brittany welcomed the little lady into their lives 14 months after Brittany gave birth to their first child together, son Memphis. The journey to pregnancy was not easy for them either time, as Brittany recently opened up about in an Instagram post prior to Navy’s birth.

Yesterday Jase and I passed the fertility center that was basically our second home for over a year and a half,” she wrote alongside a photo of herself resting Memphis on top of her baby bump. “The memories came rushing back… so many smiles and so many tears during that time. Yes, there was loss but there was also success. As I look through these photos I can’t believe that we are about to have our second baby.”

That second baby finally made her grand debut on Monday (February 4), and she’s as precious as could be!

Jason and Brittany shared identical photos of their little bundle of joy. Brittany couldn’t help but gush about her in her post to Instagram, writing, “We love you so much baby girl!!

Why Hasn’t Brittany Shared More?

Longtime followers of Jason and Brittany likely noticed a huge difference between their social media announcements about Navy’s birth vs. Memphis’.

While the couple chose just to share a picture of Navy to reveal she had been born, they shared a sweet “family photo” when Memphis was born in December 2017.

Days after welcoming Memphis, Brittany was already sharing cute and cuddly snapshots of the little guy at home with her and Jason. But other than sharing a sweet video of Memphis and Navy meeting for the first time, Brittany has remained fairly quiet since giving birth to her baby girl.

Now, we finally know why.

Taking to her Instagram Story on Thursday, (February 7), Brittany revealed that she and Navy still hadn’t left the hospital at that time. She shared two short videos explaining the situation.

Things Didn’t Go So Well After Labor

Both videos show Brittany’s feet, which appear terribly swollen. The first of the two videos explains why she still hasn’t been cleared to go home, as she wrote that her labor went “amazing” but that “things [went] south” afterward.

Brittany Aldean / Instagram Story

Brittany said that she’s currently dealing with “swollen everything” and even had to have a blood transfusion after giving birth to Navy.

The new mom of two spoke in the second of the two videos she shared, and despite her less-than-comfortable situation, her sense of humor still seems to be intact.

So we’ve been in the hospital for days now,” she said in between giggles,  “and I’m ready to take these fat little piggies home.”

Brittany Aldean / Instagram Story

It’s easy to understand Brittany’s frustration, but at least she can laugh about it!

We’ll be keeping Brittany in our prayers as she continues to recover. Hopefully she and baby Navy will be able to go home soon!

Based on how much Brittany and Jason love to gush about Memphis, we have no doubt that their little girl will be showered with lots and lots of love.