CMT Hosts, Little Big Town Deliver Infectious “Summer Fever”


On top of their first time as hosts of this big night in country music, the four-part group also took to the stage and sang their hearts out in a performance that dropped jaws.

Little Big Town, who stunned everyone with their opening monologue and hysterical banter, not only earned the hosting duties for what CMT is billing as “the biggest party of the year,” but also garnered a performance spot – and just on the heels of their latest single release!

The very first performance of the night, they had taken a page from “disco fever” and gave us a throwback to the soft-rock hits of the 70s with their newest song!

The 2018 CMT Music Awards have been one of the year’s most-loved award shows for more than 50 years and always succeeds in picking some unforgettable performances for the event. This year was no different – and with so many fan-voted winners already giddy in their seats, there was no shortage of dancing and excitement!

Little Big Town’s new single “Summer Fever” is the first single outside of music on their early-2017 album, The Breaker. There’s no word on if it will be part of a new album from the group – but we can always hope!

Producer/songwriter Shane McAnally said of this song he “dares you to sit still when [it] comes on…it’s impossible. I don’t even dance, but something comes over me when this thing kicks in.”

So, take a look at Little Big Town’s first live performance of their just-released single, “Summer Fever” below – and tell us if you can’t stop dancing!