Cockatoo Throws Temper Tantrum When Owner Tries To Get It Back In Cage

MegaBirdCrazy / YouTube

If you are a parent, you know that kids throw temper tantrums for some of the funniest reasons.

Well, one man is having a similar freak out, not with his child, but with his pet bird. His Cockatoo named Pebble was standing on top of her cage. Her owner decided it was time for her to get back in it, and that’s when all hell broke loose!

She widened her wings and the feathers on her head stuck straight up and out. She began muttering some gibberish pretty loudly in anger. Her owner tried to reason with her, but was getting nowhere.

She does throw around a few curse words here and there, but you can clearly hear her talk back to her owner when he asks if she’s showing attitude.

“Yeah, that’s right!” she responded.

She was pacing around the whole time, even sometimes throwing her head back, in what seemed like disgust or frustration!

MegaBirdCrazy / YouTube

This went on for over three minutes! Now, that’s one angry bird!

Watch the full video below.