Walmart Worker In Texas Finds Snake Hidden In Shopping Carts In May

Northeast Police Department / Facebook

One employee at a Walmart store in Texas recently got the scare of the lifetime as they went to retrieve a batch of carts.

According to the Northeast Police Department, a Walmart cart attendant went to collect some carts and made a horrifying discovery in the process. A large snake made itself at home in some carts in the return area, and had twisted its body around them.

Understandably, the Walmart worker let out a scream at the sight of the snake. A NEPD officer happened to by nearby, and heard the hysterical scream.

The officer came over to see what all of the fuss was about, and saw the snake as well. John Heckaman, a man known as “The Snake Charmer,” was called from his home in Savannah, Texas, to help relocate the snake.

The snake bit Heckaman once during the rescue, but thankfully he didn’t have anything to worry about. The snake turned out to be a rat snake, and they are non-venomous.

Still, we can’t blame the Walmart employee for being scared at the sight of the snake. Sometimes you just don’t know which ones are dangerous and which ones are harmless!

As for why the snake made itself a temporary home in the Walmart shopping carts, the NEPD has a good guess. They attribute it to the heavy rains the area was experiencing at the time (it was late May).

Recent heavy rains are forcing a lot of snakes out of their natural habitats, and this goes to show, that they can turn up just about anywhere,” the department’s Facebook post about the incident read.

If you know anything about snakes, you know they can turn up almost anywhere. Many snakes tend to turn up in people’s toilets, of all places.

Back in 2017 a boy (also in Texas) discovered a rattlesnake in the toilet. The family called a snake removal group to their home, and 23 additional snakes were later found in the cellar and underneath the house.

You can learn all about that horrifying experience in the video below.

Have you ever encountered a snake in an unexpected place before?