Cop Tases His Partner Instead Of Drug Dealer

Twitter / Billy Corben

One cop in Miami got the shock of a lifetime when his partner pulled the trigger on his taser as they were trying to take down an alleged drug dealer in the street.

A video taken by a bystander and uploaded to Twitter by Billy Corben shows a pair of officers who were in the midst of a rough arrest of a man they suspected of engaging in purchasing crack cocaine.

Allegedly, there was a drug dealer and a homeless man involved in a crack cocaine deal that clearly went south – and the officers took hold of the situation. But, during the arrest phase, one of them hit the ground hard.

Cop Tasers Partner

As one cop has a man on the ground and is holding down his legs, he pulls out his taser so his partner can restrain his hands and take control of the situation – but he shoots the pins into his partner instead of the perpetrator.

One click of the handle and his partner seizes up, screams, and hits the ground with full-force.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time this kind of a thing has happened, either. Check out both videos below. Start the second video at 1:10 to catch the action shot.