Mama Rat Fights Off Snake To Save Her Baby

YouTube / National Geographic

One bystander was quick enough to pull out her camera and hit record when she witnessed what she called an “amazing act of love of a mother” right before her eyes.

Rojas Montecinos Evy captured a few minutes of footage that shows the desperate struggle of a mother rat trying to save her baby from peril after a snake snatched him up.


YouTube / National Geographic

The snake clearly has gotten ahold of her baby and is slithering away when this mama leaps into action doing whatever she can to save her precious baby.

The mom quickly turned around and started biting the snake’s tail with the fierceness and desperation of a mother bear.

YouTube / National Geographic

Eventually, the snake drops the baby on the dirt. He lay there motionless as the snake is chased off by the mama rat into the bushes. She makes sure he won’t be coming back – and returns to the limp body of her baby, quickly trying to see if he is okay.

It’s just at that moment, that the baby begins to move and she starts grooming him and giving him a once-over to see if he’s injured.

They say that there’s no love as strong as a mother’s – and we think this video shows just that. Check out the footage below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.