Chris Stapleton Stops Concert For Epic Surprise

YouTube/Hunter Kelly

After spotting something out of the corner of his eye while performing, this country music superstar halted his concert in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for one of the sweetest moments his fans might ever see!

Everyone in Vancouver was thrilled to be heading out to a Chris Stapleton concert that night, but they were in store for something that cranked the dial all the way up to 10 – and brought many of them to tears during what likely is a one-of-a-kind concert experience.

Stapleton performed a bevy of his chart-topping hits like “Fire Away”, “Parachute”, and his reworked version of “Tennessee Whiskey”, but when he spotted a small sign out in the crowd, he knew exactly what he had to do next.

Putting the rest of his set on hold, Stapleton welcomed this adorable country couple to the stage for a moment that would forever change their lives – and his, too!

The two lovebirds, Jeremy and Jillian, brought a sign to the concert that read “We want to get married – here and now!” and waved it frantically until they got noticed.Joining them on stage was an ordained minister named Jonathan who was perfectly on hand to wed the pair during this epic surprise.

Stapleton and his beloved wife, Morgane, stood on either side of the couple and minister looking on at the ceremony in awe and happiness for the adorable couple. At the end of the concert they each hugged the newlyweds and even signed as a witness on their marriage certificate!

Luckily this incredible moment was all caught on tape!

Check out Chris Stapleton’s helping hand in this surprise country concert marriage below and let us know if you’d ever get married in the same way!