Gwen Stefani Offers Tour Of Blake Shelton’s ‘Voice’ Trailer

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Where Do The Voice Coaches Hang Out Backstage?

On the set of The Voice, we hardly ever see any of the coaches leave their big red chairs. But when the cameras aren’t rolling, the coaches retreat to the comfort of their personal trailers, which we’ve only caught glimpses of before.

But one season, Gwen Stefani was kind enough to give us a little tour of The Voice set in between filming the battle rounds. Walking around with her phone in hand, Stefani was happy to give fans an exclusive tour of the set from a coach’s perspective.

The Voice / YouTube

The first stop on Stefani’s tour was the famous Voice stage and her big red chair. After that, Stefani moved backstage, where she ran into the show’s host Carson Daly. The two chatted for a little while before Stefani moved on to track down one of her fellow coaches.

Check Out Blake’s Digs

That coach was none other than Stefani’s boyfriend and country star, Blake Shelton. Stefani approached the door of Shelton’s trailer and exclaimed, “an actual real cowboy lives in here!”

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Wanting to be polite, Stefani decided to knock on the door rather than stroll into Shelton’s trailer unannounced. “Is Blake home?” she called, to which Shelton responded by saying “Get in here!

As lively as Shelton sounded, Stefani was probably surprised to discover that he was just vegging out on the couch when she walked inside. He tried to make it seem like he was working, telling her he was “doing some research” about his team.

The Voice / YouTube

Just closing my eyes and imagining what they are going to do,” he said, while Stefani laughed. “That’s the real Blake Shelton guys,” she said, turning the camera to Shelton, who offered up a cheeky grin.

Now we finally know what Shelton does when he’s not filming! Tune in below to watch the rest of Stefani’s tour, and take a peek at her trailer as well!