Country Singer Set To Join ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judging Panel

agt / Instagram

One of our favorite shows on television, America’s Got Talent, is in full swing!

They have already completed the first round of auditions, where the judges saw hundreds, if not thousands, of acts vying for the coveted prize – a million dollars and their own act in Vegas!

Now, the competition is in its “Judge Cuts” stage, where the acts must perform again so the judges can narrow it down to seven acts who should perform in the live shows. During these Judge Cuts, Howie Mandell, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell are joined by a fifth guest judge to help them out.

This guest judge is allowed to press the golden buzzer for any act that they would like to send straight to the live shows, without any deliberation from the other judges.

So far this season, the panel of judges have welcomed actor and comedian Ken Jeong (above), as well as actress Olivia Munn (below).

The next guest judge is someone who knows a whole lot about the music business, seeing as she’s had a decades-long career in country music.

That person is none other than Martina McBride! She revealed the exciting news on her social media accounts on Wednesday (July 25), and said her episode will air next week on July 31.

See her announcement below.

Are you looking forward to seeing McBride as a guest judge? We sure are!

Check out this season’s country singing competitor, Hunter Price’s impressive audition in the video below.