Country Singers Evacuated Mid-Concert


Just as he kicked off his first song in this collaboration concert, deafening sirens rang out across the venue sending all the fans and performers scrambling for cover.

Australian-born country singer Morgan Evans and his fellow country star wife Kelsea Ballerini were part of the entertainment at Riverwind Casino in Oklahoma that had to be evacuated mid-concert due to an emergency tornado warning.

Evans, Ballerini, Danielle Bradbery, Walker Hayes, Carly Pearce, and Jay Allen were all at the venue when the emergency alert sirens started blaring – announcing the urgent need to take shelter from the tornado.

It’s tornado season in parts of the southwest, and May is known for its record-breaking number of twisters that often sweep through the areas, so locals weren’t too surprised when they heard the sirens go off – but they didn’t hesitate to flee and take cover.

“So, Morgan was halfway through his first song in Oklahoma City and everyone got evacuated to a safe room because there’s a tornado,” Ballerini said on Instagram.

While she and Evans were playing it safe inside and following the warning instructions, Carly Pearce shared a video of her outside the casino during the intense winds.

Eventually, the storm passed and people filed back in to watch the show – which went off without any other issues!

“Update! The tornado has passed and the crowd is filing back in,” Ballerini added in a new video.

Watch all the Instagram updates during the tornado below.