Country Star Mourns Devastating Loss

Credit: Instagram/Kelsea Ballerini

This past weekend one of country music’s rising stars suffered a devastating loss that has affected her entire family…

Just several months after her marriage to fellow country singer Morgan Evans, young Kelsea Ballerini lost one of the most important women in her life – and one who she cherished dearly: her maternal grandmother.

Ballerini has suffered several tough losses over the years, one being the death of her paternal grandfather – which came just moments before she took the stage at a concert in October 2016.

During that time, she shared her heartfelt loss and grief with her fans in a post to social media. Alongside a photo of her grandfather, she explained how emotional her day was known he had gone to heaven – adding that it’s an “honor to stand on stage with his last name and do what I love knowing he [has] the best seat in the house.”

Now, Ballerini is mourning the passing of her maternal grandmother – but this time, she’s honoring her memory in a very different way. 

“Lost my mother’s mother earlier this week,” she wrote beneath a video of a candle burning. “Was a tough one to process, so I did as I do…”

She chose to honor her grandmother in the best way she knows how: through a song. 

As you watch the video of the candle burning, a brand new song from Ballerini comes across the speakers, proudly proclaiming just how much she admired her mother’s mother.

“My mother’s mother / God she was stubborn / Yeah maybe that’s where I got it from / Steady and stoic / She didn’t show it / There was a mess swept under the rug,” she sings in the song.

According to Ballerini’s new song, she and her maternal grandmother didn’t speak much during the last few years of her life – but says “good and bad I’m so glad I knew…my mother’s mother.” 

See her full video and new song clip below that honors a woman who meant a great deal to her.

We are keeping Kelsea Ballerini and her family in our thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time. 

Watch her music video for her No. 1 single, “Legends,” below.