Country Star Reveals Surprising Confession About Tim McGraw We Did Not See Coming

Tim McGraw / Facebook

Now that he has an album, an EP, four charted singles, and is currently on his fifth summer tour, Canaan Smith has been on the fast track to country stardom since his debut in 2012.

In a pre-show interview with Taste of Country at Country Jam in Grand Junction, Colorado, Smith sat down to play a game of “Never Have I Ever” and answered some pretty out there questions!

Billy Dukes said some statements including, “Never have I ever shotgunned a beer”, and Smith had to hold up a sign that said either “I have” or “Never.”

One statement that really shocked us was when Dukes said, “Never have I ever snuck into a country concert.”

“Oh yeah, I have,” he said.

Surprised, Dukes asked him whose concert it was. The country music community is such a small world, so you’d think that Smith would have some connections in getting concert tickets!

“When I was a kid, we had a lot of people come to town, but it was McGraw a long, long time ago,” he revealed.

Okay, so he snuck into a Tim McGraw concert way before he was a country star, but still!

Watch his confession below.