Country Star’s Music Video Will Make Parents Raising Boys Burst Into Tears

Lee Brice Youtube

One country music star had parents weeping when his newest music video profoundly resonated with those raising sons, packing a powerful message that all parents will proudly identify with. Debuting an incredibly moving video for his song “Boy”, Lee Brice conveyed the insight that those raising boys know all too well as he addressed his sons through an insanely moving compilation. The lyrics boldly explained that despite any troublesome experiences or the desire to grow up much faster than necessary, “a part of you will always be my boy.”

The video shows Brice’s two sons, Ryker and Takoda, as well as his wife, Sara, who was pregnant with the couple’s third child and first daughter. The young boys are seen wrestling in an open field, enjoying quality time with their family as they make the most of their brotherly bonding and rough and tough encounters. Although a humble video, it embodies an incredibly powerful message that addresses all boys far beyond the singer’s own.

“You’re gonna drive and kiss and throw a punch and grow up way too fast,” Brice sings in the chorus of “Boy.” “You’re gonna drop the ball, hit the wall and break some hearts like glass / I know you will / ‘Cause you’re part of me / And part of you / Will always be / My boy,” he sings.

The ballad had viewers in tears as they identified with the inspiring message geared towards boys entering adulthood and experiencing their way through life. You can check out the single below, but be sure to keep your tissues handy.