Speedway Mistakenly Reveals NASCAR Driver’s Baby Surprise


The cat’s out of the bag on this one after his wife found a tweet that revealed the pair are expecting a baby girl this coming November!

Taking to Twitter, Ty Dillon‘s wife, Haley Dillon, sounded off on a tweet that was posted earlier today congratulating her and Ty on their baby girl…but the was only one problem – they hadn’t formally announced the gender of their forthcoming first child yet!

It was all in good fun though, Charlotte Motor Speedway tweeted out a photo of Ty during a press setup earlier today (May 19th) and captioned the photo with the big baby gender reveal.

It appears as if it wasn’t the speedway that let the cat out of the bag early, but it was Ty Dillon who told the speedway during this interview and they just happened to be quick to get it on social media!

Responding to CMS’ tweet, Haley couldn’t help but laugh about the whole situation and explained a little bit more.

The Dillons announced earlier this month, on May 8th, that they were expecting their first child this coming November and included a series of adorable photos with the announcement, but they hadn’t opened up about the gender just quite yet.

So, what does this future dad have to say about this slip of the tongue? 

Either way you slice it, we are incredibly happy for Ty and Haley Dillon on their new announcement! 

Watch the video below of Dillon taking home his first Nationwide Series win back in 2014.