Country Star’s Wife Fakes Pregnancy

Instagram/Hayley Hubbard

It was on Easter Sunday when his wife approached him while laying in bed and revealed the two pink lines on her pregnancy test…and his reaction was priceless.

Tyler Hubbard and his wife, Hayley, have been married since 2015 and love to share their personal lives with fans on social media. Part of that includes them spending time with their first child, Olivia Rose.

Taking to Instagram, Hayley uploaded a video of her husband and their baby girl laying down and talking – but this wasn’t your everyday conversation. She had just dropped a bombshell on him and was recording his reaction.

Tyler was cradling three-month-old Olivia as he scrambled to come up with words in response to Hayley’s confession. She had just shown him a pregnancy test with two pink lines – which indicated she was pregnant with another child!

Her husband was almost totally speechless – but in just a few seconds, she dropped another bombshell on him, “April Fools!” And both of them erupted with laughter. Little Olivia didn’t know much of what was going on, but her parents sure got a kick out of it.

Watch Hayley Hubbard’s full video below where she pulls off this fake pregnancy joke for an “April Fool’s Day” celebration.