Couple Gets Pulled Into Security – Doesn’t Know Cat Was In Baggage

Nick Coole / Facebook

If you are a pet owner, you know that they love to snuggle in your clothes, whether it be a pile of dirty laundry, or clean.

Sometimes, when pet owners pack for a trip, their pets sit inside the luggage, hoping to go, too!

That’s exactly what happened to Nick and Voirrey Coole.

Their cat, Candy, nestled her way into their carry-on luggage prior to their trip, but they had no clue! Nick and his wife Voirrey arrived at the airport in the Isle of Man, which is an island between Ireland and England, ready for their New York City vacation.

Unexpectedly, their carry-on luggage was flagged and they were brought into a side room. Inside, the airport security agent found their cat, Candy!

Nick documented the now-comical moment on Facebook saying, “You know that feeling, when you get ushered into a side room at airport security because you’ve got a cat in your hand luggage. Candy decided to sneak into our hand bag.”

He also revealed that a couple friends were able to come and pick up the cat and Nick and Voirrey were still able to make their flight.

If he didn’t take photos, we honestly wouldn’t have believed him! Thank goodness the cat is okay!