53-Year-Old Man Survives EF3 Tornado Sucking Him Out Of Little Caesars

photo credit: YouTube / WFAA

WARNING: Images Below May Be Disturbing To Some Viewers

An EF3 tornado tore through the city of Dallas, Texas last Sunday and sucked a 53-year-old man out of a Little Caesars restaurant and onto the streets. His named is Chris Tuveng, and he has quite the story to tell.

“To think that I lived through it is…incredible,” Chris told WFAA. “It just crushed me, there was nothing I could do I was helpless.” 

Here’s The Story Of How It All Happened

Chris was watching Sunday night football between the Cowboys and Eagles with his family when he decided he wanted to go get some pizza during halftime. So he drove down to a small shopping center where a Little Caesars restaurant was located and went inside.

As he was waiting on his pizza he noticed the door of the restaurant kept flying open from some strong wind blowing outside. He went over to the door and shut it. However, it wasn’t long though before the wind opened the door again.

When he walked back over to shut the door for a second time that’s when he looked up and saw all kinds of debris flying in the air. Realizing what was going on he yelled, “tornado!” 

Without warning, a strong gust of wind sucked him out of the restaurant and onto the concrete. “The thing sucked me out of the building and into a breezeway,” Chris said. “I was thinking…well this might be it.” 

Hanging On For His Life

Chris was pulled right into the tornado’s path. The only thing he could do was grab the closest thing to him and hold on for dear life, a pillar of the building.

However, that’s when it got much worse. The pillar didn’t have much grip and he somehow managed to grab onto a truck that was the next closest thing to him.

“I was getting pounded by debris. Whatever was flying through the air just hit me,” Chris told WFAA. “I was just holding on. I didn’t want to get blown away. I started holding on to the tire, and I grabbed the rim to just hold myself lower to the ground,”

The debris continued to hit him for what he felt like was forever (but was actually only about 30 seconds). Eventually, the tornado passed through and the wind stopped blowing. He stood up bleeding and bruised and a friend immediately drove him to the hospital.

Fortunately, he and 10 other people who were injured by the storm didn’t suffer any life-threatening injuries. Chris was discharged from the hospital after 5 hours of treatment and credits God for the reason he’s still alive.

“If you don’t believe in miracles, look at me,” Chris said. “I would not be here without God’s intervention today.”