Cowboy Dad Crashes Daughter’s Dance Party With His Own Moves

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One dad went above and beyond when he joined his young daughter for an epic trial of a new dance trend.

As the talented young dancer began an incredible routine to the hit pop song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” by Silento, she wowed viewers with her uncanny moves and remarkable fluidity to the music. However, viewers were in for an epic surprise as this little lady’s countrified father shuffled his way into the frame and blew everyone away!

The father and daughter broke into their own rendition of each popular dance move, allowing the flannel-wearing star to put his own spin on each move. From doing the “Stanky Leg” to breaking into “The Carlton”, a move made famous by former tv show The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, this dad was no shortage of energy and skill!

Creating their own creative take on “The Nae Nae”, these two were pure sass as they whipped their hands back and forth in perfect rhythm. Viewers were in tears of laughter when this dad was given his own dance solo, in which he absolutely brought down the performance!

Youtube / Austynn Samarco

This groovy father clearly set a whole new standard for parenting!

Be sure to check out this hilarious performance below!