Brad Paisley’s Wife Just Wrote The Best Anniversary Message Ever

AP via Country Fancast

On March 15, 2003, Brad Paisley married the love of his life, actress Kimberly Williams. Brad first set his eyes on Kimberly back in 1991, but Kimberly didn’t see him until years later. That’s because the first time Brad ever saw his future wife was through a movie screen.

Brad went with his then-girlfriend to watch Kimberly star in the film, Father of the Bride. He found himself feeling drawn to the beautiful actress, which is why he returned to watch her in the film’s sequel in 1995. Brad had broken up with his girlfriend at that point, but he was so intrigued by Kimberly that he never thought twice about going to the movies alone.

During an appearance on the Meredith Vieira Show in 2015, Kimberly recalled how the two finally ended up meeting. She said that one day, Brad woke up and had the random urge to call her and ask her out. He did just that, and Kimberly was surprised to say the least!

Brad’s boldness apparently worked, because Kimberly agreed to go out with him. Brad ended up proposing after just eight short months of dating. As we all know, Kimberly said “yes” and the two were married in a stunning ceremony.

Two sons and 14 years later, this country couple is still going strong. To honor their anniversary, Kimberly decided to write a sweet note to her husband on social media. Sharing an adorable photo from their wedding, Kimberly wrote that it “feels like 10 minutes” that they’ve been married. But that’s when the note took a comical turn!

It seems that Brad’s quirky sense of humor has rubbed off on his wife, because she made the perfect joke in her anniversary note to him. After writing about how the past 14 years have felt like 10 minutes, Kimberly followed it up by writing, “under water.”

Ouch! She got Brad good with that one!

Since Brad’s a funny guy himself, we’re sure he got a kick out of Kimberly’s message to him!

In addition to his anniversary, Brad has another big milestone to celebrate this week. He just scored his 24th number one hit with his current single, “Today,” which is included on his upcoming album Love and War. The emotional tune is all about living in the moment, and not worrying about what the future has in store.

You can tune in below to check out Brad’s music video for “Today.” In the song, he sings about remembering some of the best days of his life, and we’re sure his wedding day is right there at the top of his list!