Cracker Barrel Customers Go Viral For Leaving Pic Of Themselves On Mantel

@gash.79 / TikTok

In the world of pranks, there are those that leave people fuming, and then there are those that leave people grinning from ear to ear. Well, the latest prank executed at Cracker Barrel falls into the latter category, and it has taken the internet by storm!

Two mischievous best friends, Ashley Zessin Shelley and Darcy Gashweiller, decided to embark on a decorative adventure at their local Cracker Barrel in southern Georgia. Little did they know that their harmless act of redecorating would result in an epic viral sensation.

On June 11, the dynamic duo posted a TikTok video that has since amassed a mind-boggling 21 million views and 3.9 million likes in just three days! The 25-second clip shows Shelley secretly placing a framed photo of herself and Gashweiller on a Cracker Barrel mantle, as if they were a part of the cherished decor.

Cracker Barrel Customers Leave Photo Of Themselves On Restaurant’s Mantel

Now, this is no ordinary photo. It’s a black-and-white snapshot of the two friends dressed up as farmers, complete with overalls, gardening equipment, and a chicken perched on Gashweiller’s hand. It’s a hilarious sight to behold, and Cracker Barrel patrons are absolutely loving it.

The reaction to the video has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans of the prankster duo flocking to the comments section to express their delight. People are exclaiming, “This is the best thing I’ve ever seen!” and “I love a good harmless prank!” The consensus is clear: this mischievous act is the epitome of cute, wholesome fun.

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Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time someone has successfully pulled off a Cracker Barrel decor prank. In fact, it seems to be quite the trend!

Back in April 2021, TikToker @genevievew07 went viral for a similar video, challenging her friends to place a picture of their group inside Cracker Barrel. And there have been plenty more examples since then.

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Perhaps the success of this trend, and its recent resurgence, can be attributed to the fact that Cracker Barrel stores are adorned with an average of 1,000 pieces of decor. With such a vast array of items, it’s easy for one small frame to go unnoticed, especially when executed as skillfully as Gashweiller and Shelley did.

For the pranksters themselves, the overwhelming internet response to their little escapade has been a pleasant surprise. They admit to being avid shenanigan enthusiasts, with Gashweiller proudly declaring, “This isn’t even the best of our shenanigans,” according to TODAY. It’s safe to say that we can expect more hijinks from these two in the future.

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The photo prank was initially intended for their friend Mike, who had just been promoted to manager at the Cracker Barrel where they left their masterpiece. As far as they know, he has yet to discover it. However, with the video going viral, one can’t help but wonder if Mike has stumbled upon their antics on TikTok.

As for the creation of the vintage-looking image, the funny friends reveal that they didn’t have to look far for inspiration. Raiding their husbands’ closets for overalls and hats, and using Gashweiller’s very own chicken as a prop, they managed to capture the perfect shot. And in case you were worried, the chicken is a “paid actor” who is well-fed and cared for.

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