Father Fakes His Death, Shocks Loved Ones At His Own Funeral

el.tiktokeur2 / TikTok

Belgium TikToker David Baerten took it upon himself to teach his loved ones a lesson they will never forget by pranking them in a tear-jerking way.

David Baerten, aged 45, decided to stage his own death, leaving his family and friends in a state of utter shock and disbelief. Now, why would anyone in their right mind attempt such a bizarre stunt, you might wonder? Baerten’s motive was to uncover who genuinely cared for him.

To propagate this audacious charade, Baerten’s children took to social media, posting heartfelt tributes to their “late” father.

According to the Times UK, his daughter, in an emotional outpouring, wrote, “Rest in peace, Daddy. I will never stop thinking about you. Why is life so unfair? Why you? You were going to be a grandfather, and you still had your whole life ahead of you. I love you! We love you! We will never forget about you.”

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Father Tries To Teach Family & Friends A Lesson By Faking His Death, Showing Up To His Own Funeral In A Helicopter

With the stage set for a mournful affair, the funeral was held near the city of Liege. Friends and family, brimming with grief, gathered to bid farewell to their beloved David. However, what awaited them was not a somber ceremony but a helicopter soaring through the sky. And who emerged from that aircraft? None other than David Baerten himself, grinning mischievously, as if he had just pulled off the prank of the century.

Imagine the bewildered expressions on the faces of his loved ones. Some, relieved and overjoyed, rushed to embrace him tightly. Others, however, were left utterly flabbergasted, their emotions teetering between confusion and anger. Can you blame them? After all, they had spent precious moments grieving, only to find out that their dear David was alive and kicking.

Baerten, in an attempt to justify his outrageous act, explained, “What I see in my family often hurts me; I never get invited to anything. Nobody sees me. We all grew apart. I felt unappreciated. That’s why I wanted to give them a life lesson and show them that you shouldn’t wait until someone is dead to meet up with them.”

According to him, the prank succeeded in its purpose, as some of those who had failed to attend the funeral reached out to him afterward, seeking reconciliation. In his own words, “Those who didn’t come did contact me to meet up. So in a way, I did win.”

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We must admit that this leaves people with mixed emotions. While some may have applauded Baerten’s audacity and the reunion it facilitated, others have questioned the wisdom of such a risky endeavor.

Nevertheless, it’s an unforgettable lesson that teaches us the importance of cherishing our loved ones while they are still with us.

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