Crew Forced To Pull Doors Off New Home To Remove 12ft Gator

Jennifer Seward-Goodwin

Matthew Goodwin, a construction site supervisor captured the chilling moment crew members were forced to pull the doors off a new home in order to remove a 12ft alligator that had accidentally barricaded itself inside.

The incident took place in Southwest Florida in the Charlotte Country area and the gator was found early in the morning on March 14. It was laying on the floor inside the home in the Babcock Ranch community.

“The window blind installer located the gator before everyone arrived,” Matthew said, according to Click Orlando. “He then told the construction manager David Davis, and he in turn, called me over. I was busy and didn’t want to go, it was Monday, and he stated this is more important than what I was doing and to get over here. I go look in my house and there was the 12-foot gator!”

Matthew called a trapper to come over to assess the situation so that they could properly remove the reptile, and the trapper did. Construction crew members removed the sliding door and the trapper went in with a rope noose pole to wrangle the gator.

The moment the trapper put the noose on the gator’s neck, the reptile started doing the death roll in an attempt to get away.

He was able to pull the gator through the doors and out of the home back down to the sandy beach. However, during the process, due to the gator’s death roll, he did roughly $2,500 to $3,000 in damages to the home.

The trapper said that the gator was probably cold due to the cold front the night before and was looking for a warmer place to be.

It appears that it made its way from the water to the laundry room of the home and entered through the open doors before the wind closed the doors behind it and trapped the gator inside.

Watch The Gator Removal Footage Below