Crowd Screams When Luke Combs Brings Surprise Guest On Stage

Luke Combs / Facebook

Luke Combs headlined the final night of the 2022 C2C Festival in London, England. The festival started on March 11 and concluded on March 13 with Combs’ headlining set.

Darius Rucker and Miranda Lambert were the headliners the previous two nights.

For years now, Combs has performed live covers of the song “Dive” by global pop superstar Ed Sheeran.

Fans have always enjoyed hearing cCombs’ countrified version of the song. One video of him performing “Dive” has over one million views on YouTube.

Since Sheeran is from the United Kingdom, Combs felt like it made perfect sense to sing “Dive” during his C2C set. But he kicked things up a notch by actually having Sheeran join him in a duet!

Combs started off singing on his on for awhile, so the crowd didn’t suspect a thing. After a bit he paused and looked off to the side of the stage. That’s when Sheeran strolled out and started singing. The crowd was surprised to say the least!

Sheeran sang on his own for a while. Finally, he and Combs united to sing together at the end.

Combs shared a video of their duet on social media. He captioned it, “Covered “Dive” countless times, but this was by far the coolest! Thanks to my buddy Ed Sheeran for joining me on stage in London!!

If you weren’t one of the lucky people who got to watch Combs and Sheeran sing “Dive” in person, check out the video of their performance below. Talk about an epic collaboration!