Dad Bonds With Baby Son Over Adorable George Strait Cover

Joe Quick YouTube Channel

The special bond between father and son has been referenced in country music time and time again. In fact, some of the genre’s most emotional songs are ones that explore the relationships between fathers and sons.

One such song was released in 1990 by “The King of Country” himself, George Strait. Called “Love Without End, Amen,” the song quickly won the hearts of country fans and captured the top spot on the chart.

Written by Aaron Barker, the narrator in the song reflects on a time that he was sent home from school and feared that his dad would punish him. But his father comforted him by saying that fathers will always love their children “without end.”

As the narrator becomes a dad himself, he starts telling his son the same thing his father told him. Finally, the narrator has a dream that he is outside the gates of heaven, fearful that he won’t be able to get in because of some poor choices he made in life. But that’s when he hears a voice from the other side telling him the same thing his father did years ago, the a father’s love has no end.

Country singer Joe Quick has a great appreciation for George and his music. This past year has been a big one for Joe, as he just released his debut EP Dashboard Dust. He also became a father this year, after he and his wife Molly welcomed a baby boy they named Brigan.

Joe has started to share his love of country music with his infant son, especially George’s music. In January, Joe shared a sweet video of him singing “Love Without End, Amen” to Brigan, and it has to be the cutest thing we’ve seen in ages.

With Brigan cuddled up on the couch in front of him, Joe started singing “Love Without End, Amen” while he played on the guitar. Little Brigan seemed to be completely mesmerized by his father’s singing, and hardly ever took his eyes off of him.

The sweetest part of the video came after Joe finished singing. With a big smile on his face, Joe turned to Brigan and asked him “What do you think?” We think Brigan loved it!

Tune in below to watch this precious moment between a father and son. Be sure to follow Joe on Facebook by clicking here so you can see the rest of Joe’s videos and some adorable photos of Brigan.