Dale Jr. Once Forgot His Running Car At The Airport For 8 Hours

Jared C. Tilton / Getty Images

After arriving at the airport in 2017, NASCAR’s most-popular driver forgot his vehicle was still idling and took off from the airport without a second thought. It wasn’t until he got back to his rig that he realized that it had been left running all day in the parking lot!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. was in his final moments of his NASCAR Cup Series career, and as part of that he did a lot of things he hadn’t had the opportunity to before – like taking his favorite football team for a spin around the track!

In a moment of star struck excitement, it appears that Dale Jr. was so thrilled to hang out with some of the players from the Washington Redskins that he totally forgot his truck was running before he took off from the airport.

Taking to Twitter, the longtime NASCAR star confessed to his blunder in a hilarious tweet that has been favorited almost 12,000 times.

Having a blast with the players, Dale Jr. took Kirk Cousins, Josh Norman, and others for a spin around Richmond Raceway before heading over to the training camp and pumping out some reps with the team. It was an experience that he called “a dream come true”.

As part of his social media confessional, Dale Jr. also explained what kind of state his fuel tank was in after a full day of idling for his pickup.

We can’t blame this NASCAR veteran for getting a little starstruck by his favorite team! 

Check out the video below with Dale Jr. and the Redskins players talking about their experience on the track together.