Deer Walked Into Walmart To Escape Cold Weather, Customer Tackled It

photo credit: Bert Moore / Facebook

Deer Walks Into Walmart

On a cold winter day in Wooster, Ohio a Walmart customer filmed himself chasing a wild deer down that got loose in the store and tackled it in attempts to help remove it.

photo credit: Bert Moore / Facebook

Deer Makes So Much Noise People Start Following It

According to The Daily Record, the deer was making a lot of noise slipping and sliding around the aisle of Walmart and caught the attention of many shoppers on Wednesday, November 13th (2019).

Bert Moore, a 43-year-old man who was shopping around 3:30pm spotted the deer and started filming it. He and a group of customers ran after the deer and according to Bert’s Facebook post, he tackled it and pinned it to the ground in the crafts section.

“You could hear it kicking shelves as it went through the store,” Bert said, according to The Daily Record.

Bert was there with his wife Dawn shopping for dinner when it happened and said he heard a “commotion from the front door” of the store. He and his wife walked over to see what was going on and that’s when he realized it was a doe making all that noise.

At first, he started taking a video of the deer until someone in the store told him he should help. The reporter of The Daily Record said that Bert told him he thought the deer was “going to hurt itself or somebody else” so he decided to chase it down. The report went on to say that they safely removed the deer from the store and it ran into a nearby field.

Watch The Video Of The Deer In Walmart Below!