Derek Hough Shares What He Really Thinks About Sister Julianne’s Fiancé

The Talk YouTube Channel

In August 2015, Julianne Hough said “yes” to the man of her dreams, hockey player Brooks Laich. Wanting to enjoy every minute of their engagement, they decided not to rush into getting married.

The Dancing with the Stars judge and country singer has remained pretty tight-lipped on her wedding details, and hasn’t revealed the specific date. But we can tell that it must be soon, because she recently had her bachelorette party.

During an appearance on The Talk on Wednesday (March 15), Julianne shared all of the fun details about her bachelorette party. She spent a few days down in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where she was joined by some of her family members and best friends.

I have a couple of bumps and bruises, but I’m good!” Julianne said. “Honestly, it was so fun. I mean, I have the best family and friends. We actually had three moms and a baby with us too. I mean, we had fun. It was amazing.

Julianne’s brother Derek may not have tagged along for the bachelorette party, but he was present to be interviewed alongside her on The Talk. The conversation quickly turned to focus on him, and specifically what he thinks about his sister’s fiancé.

As any girl with a brother knows, they can be a bit hard on anyone that shows interest in their sister. But it turns out that Derek thinks the world of Brooks, calling him “a wonderful man”:

He’s a great guy. What’s great about him is that he’s a man’s man. He likes fishing, he plays hockey. He’s a wonderful man. A wonderful guy. I’m very excited for him to become part of the family and have another brother. I’m the only boy. I keep adding brothers to my family, so it’s good.”

Looks like Brooks has the big brother seal of approval!

During an interview with ET, Julianne shared that her wedding isn’t “soon soon” but that it is “coming up.” We can’t help but wonder if the wedding will take place sometime within the next month, since Julianne and Derek are embarking on their massive Move Live tour on April 19. Their schedule will be packed with tour dates through June, so it seems unlikely that they’d be able to fit a wedding into the mix.

Regardless of when the wedding is, we can tell that both Julianne and Derek are excited for the big day! You can witness their excitement in the video from their Talk interview below.