Deserted Italian Streets Are Filled With Singing & Dancing Of Quarantined Citizens

Twitter / John Nichols Twitter / Biagio Fucci

Italians are not letting the countrywide lockdown dampen their spirits. Through music, they are displaying the strength and solidarity of their country.

Multiple videos have been shared since the beginning of the lockdown showing neighbors joining together in song from their balconies and windows. In an effort to feel less alone and to band together in this time of despair and uncertainty.

Twitter user Valemercurii posted this heartwarming video of her hometown Siena.

“People of my hometown Siena sing a popular song from their houses along an empty street to warm their heart during the Italian Covid-19 lockdown.” 

Another video from Naples was shared from Twitter user Ryan Meilak showing neighbors singing a popular song called “Abbracciame” which translates to “Hug Me.”

“Italy. People locked inside turn to their windows and balconies singing so everyone feels less lonely. Here is #Naples singing “Abbracciame” (Hug me).”

A video shared from the city of Naples shows people standing on their balconies clapping, dancing and enjoying music together.

Neighbors in Sicily are seen dancing on their balconies while being entertained by a gentleman playing the accordion.

Twitter user John Nichols tweets, “Sicily has figured out this whole self-isolation thing.”

Outside of China, Italy is one of the worst affected countries, with 27,980 confirmed cases and over 2,158 deaths as of Monday (March 16) according to John Hopkins University.

The country is under a national lockdown restricting citizens from all activities and movement until April 3. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is only allowing supermarkets and pharmacies to remain open.

We are continuing to pray for Italy and all countries affected.

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