Dierks Bentley Encounters Massive Snake On Tennessee Trail

Dierks Bentley / Instagram

Now this is a stop-in-your-tracks kind of moment if we’ve ever seen one!

Recently, Dierks Bentley and a buddy of his were biking on one of the many beautiful trails in Tennessee. But their peaceful ride took an exciting (and terrifying) turn when they encountered a slithery creature in the middle of the path.

Bentley and his pal came across a snake…but not just any snake…a MASSIVE one.

It’s a little snakey out there on the TN trails right now,” Bentley captioned a video he shared of the humongous snake. He also called on his friend and fellow artist HARDY, saying they really could have used his help out there.

Even though someone in the clip identifies the snake as “a double black diamond,” that’s not the type of snake they encountered. A “double black diamond” isn’t even a snake at all!

“Double black diamond” is actually a ski slope grade, and a difficult one at that. So maybe Bentley and his friend were using the “double black diamond” term to refer to the snake since he was an absolute monster.

The snake Bentley and his buddy filmed had a visible rattle on its tail. It looked similar to a timber rattlesnake, which is venomous and can grow to be 3-5 feet in length.

Based on the snake’s size alone, it makes sense why Bentley and his pal chose to keep their distance! But they were much braver than a lot of other people would have been in the same situation.

The comments section of Bentley’s video is full of hilarious remarks:

Nope.. I’m out,” wrote Chuck Wicks.

Lauren Jenkins said what we’re all thinking when she commented, “Woahhhhkayyy.

One of the longer nope ropes I’ve ever seen,” said Parker McCollum.

Chris Lane summed it up well when he said, “Hardddddd noooooo haha.”

Tim Dugger chimed in with our favorite comment of all, writing, “What was you thinking,” with a set of music note emojis in reference to Bentley’s #1 hit, “What Was I Thinkin’.”

Head below to check out the video Bentley shared of the gigantic snake he and his friend encountered on their bike ride. We’re certain we wouldn’t have been that calm if we saw the same snake!