Jockey Takes Hard Fall Off Horse Before Finish Line & Loses $70k

At The Races / YouTube

22-year-old Italian horse rider Marco Ghiani was leading in a race in the #1 spot and about to win £50,000 ($70,000) when he fell off his horse and took a terrible tumble to the ground.

Footage showed Marco was riding the famous racehorse Papa Stour and traveling at 41mph on the track when his saddle started to slip and slide sideways.

At The Races / YouTube

The saddle ended up slipping completely off, forcing Marco to fall to the right side of Papa Stour where he hung on for a second before having to let go and drop to the ground.

Marco rolled across the track as the horse behind him trampled his tumbling body. It appeared that the horse gave him a good kicking on his way through Marco as it and the rest of the horses, ran past him.

Six-year-old Stuart Williams-trained Papa Stour continued running down the track before it eventually ran into the side railing just past the finish line and stopped.

At The Races / YouTube

Marco quickly got up to his feet and walked off the track after his tumble and the audience was stunned at how unfazed Marco looked. Sky Sports Racing presenter Josh Apiafi even praised Marco for being “made of steel” after taking such a hit.

“Dusted himself down. Looked like he’d just fallen out of bed #IronManMarco,” a fellow racing fan posted on Twitter, according to The Sun. “Really thought this was going to be a bad one. Looked horrible in real time,” another wrote.

At The Races / YouTube

Marco made his way to an onsight ambulance to get checked out and was stopped from riding for the rest of the day. After being looked at, fortunately, both the rider and horse were physically okay and plan to be back out on the race track, only this time, to win the race.

Watch Footage Of Rider Falling Off Horse Below