Dierks Bentley Learns Of Fan Battling Cancer, So He Gives Her Private Concert

Dierks Bentley / Instagram

The only thing that beats going to a country music concert is having the concert come to you. Such was the case for Arizona resident, Baylee Barradas who is currently battling a type of cancer called sarcoma, along with other medical issues.

Dierks Bentley heard of Barradas through a friend-of-a-friend and when he discovered she was a huge fan, he decided to pay her a visit.


“I said, ‘Hey, grab one of those guitars you have in your house and let’s see if we can go to the house and just surprise her,” Bentley explained to 12News.

Bentley went over and serenaded Barradas with some of her favorite songs – he even FaceTimed another one of her favorite country stars, Kelsea Ballerini as well.


Bentley posted about the experience on his Instagram saying,

“didn’t think anything could top the recent club shows we did but that was before I got to play a private concert for my new friend Baylee Barradas. One of my hometown friends brought Baylee’s fight with cancer to my attention. Sweet girl really going thru it. hard hard stuff. Could use all the prayers.”


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Barradas went on to tell 12News that the time they spent together gave her an opportunity to escape from the fight she’s been living with daily for the past six months since her diagnosis.

“I didn’t think it would affect me the way that it has but her story has had a big impact on me,” Bentley finished.

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