Disabled Veteran Proves To Young Boy That Disabilities Don’t Matter


In a report released by Forbes in November of 2013, there are reportedly “more than 900,000 service men and women [that have] been [treated] at [the] Department of Veterans hospitals and clinics since returning from war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan.” In addition, there are currently 1.3 million members a part of the Disabled American Veterans organization which is a charity chartered by the United States Congress with a core purpose of assisting disabled war veterans and their families through their immense life adjustment.

Jose Luis Sanchez is a retired Marine who lost his leg in October of 2011 on the front lines of Afghanistan, however he has far from let his accident keep him from changing the world for the better. Sanchez took the pain from losing his leg and channeled it towards something positive.

“I have become an Adaptive Athlete hoping to inspire and motivate others,” writes Sanchez on his Facebook profile.

The war hero visited a little boy to help show him that his disability shouldn’t and won’t hold him back. Sanchez helps show the young boy that even without his leg he can still perform advanced athletic tasks such as flipping over a a heavy truck tire and sprint drill.

Sanchez is a decorated war veteran receiving a “Purple Heart”, “Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medal”, “Combat Action Ribbon”, and the “Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal” just to name a few.

You can watch the inspirational video below that will demolish your list of excuses.