Brad Paisley Praying For Country Star After Stage Accident


The country superstar posts a heartfelt message on social media describing the accident and sending his thoughts to his friend and fellow country singer.

Taking to Twitter, Brad Paisley reveals that one of the opening acts for his current tour suffered from an accident on stage due to an honest mistake.

Tyler Farr and Brad Paisley were on stage in Ontario, Canada last night (August 18th) when during a performance Brad flicked a guitar pick that mistakenly went flying into Tyler’s eye.

Apparently the damage was at least serious enough for Brad to issue an apology on social media to Tyler, but we don’t believe he┬ásustained any lasting injuries – in fact, the way Brad talks about it makes it almost sound humorous.

Apparently all of this was caught on camera by a quick-draw fan who caught Tyler’s reaction at the perfect moment!

Twitter user @hopper_johanna replied to Paisley’s tweet with the image that shows Tyler doubled over holding his face – just a split second after the incident happened.

We are hoping that this incident is just a humorous play between friends and hope that Tyler is well!

Watch the video below where Brad and Tyler perform “I’m Still A Guy” while on tour.