Blake Shelton Says His Worst Moment Happened On A 360-Degree Stage

When he just a few short weeks away from heading out on the road for his Blake Shelton: Presented by Gildan® tour, Shelton gave us a behind-the-scenes look as he was preparing through a series of videos appropriately titled #CountdownToTour.

In one episode, he is fine tuning his set list, which he says, “the only difference in this set list and the last time I toured, is that it has way more music.” He brought back some of his classics and is mixing them with his newer material, including several songs from his album If I’m Honest, which was his latest release at the time.

He also revealed a few secrets including what his worst onstage moment was, or rather, where it happened.

“[It] happened on a 360 stage,” he revealed. “Every time I get on a 360 stage, they’re just uncomfortable.”

Because he loves doing things to push himself, the particular tour he was about to embark on used a 360 stage, meaning the stage is in the middle of the concert venue and fans are sitting all the way around the stage. Several country stars are currently touring using this concept, including Carrie Underwood.

Even though Shelton doesn’t like most 360 stages, he assures us, he loves the one on his tour. “This one doesn’t feel [uncomfortable] because it’s my option when to go back there and sing to people,” Shelton said.

Surprisingly, his worst on stage moment wasn’t the time he fell down, but then again…it hadn’t happened yet!

Did any of you go see Shelton perform on the 360 stage? Watch the #CoutdownToTour video below.