Faith Hill Responds To Tim’s Leggy Picture With Perfect Comeback

The stunning blonde got back at her hubby after he posted a photo of her dazzling legs on the internet, and we must say – she’s got quite the sense of humor!

One of the most iconic blonde bombshells in country music, Faith Hill, and her fellow country star husband, Tim McGraw, have been married for nearly 20 years and it’s apparent the spark is still very much alive!

In a recent photo, Tim showed off his bride’s stunning legs in a quick snapshot on Facebook and the internet went crazy over it! Now, it looks like it’s Faith’s turn to post a revealing picture of him!

Obviously these two have been on vacation for a few days since they’ve been sharing some unique photos of fish and water with fans and adding the hashtag “#vacation” as a caption, but in the newest photo from Faith, things took a really humorous turn!

To match her hubby’s photo, Faith decided quickly snap a photo of Tim’s legs when he was standing on the edge of the boat and share that on her own Facebook page – much to the delight of her fans!

It looks like Tim knew what was up as he was posing with his legs crossed like a model, but that doesn’t make it any less funny!

Check out this revenge photo from Faith below!