Does Country Heartthrob Sam Hunt Have A Girlfriend?

UMGNashville (Left), Instagram/SamHuntMusic

Country heartthrob Sam Hunt broke the internet – as well the hearts of girls across the nation – yesterday after posting a video of a mystery brunette onto his Instagram page. So does this mean that the famed country crooner has a girlfriend? Maybe.

Last week the 31-year-old superstar first posted a photo of the mysterious girl wandering through a forest with the simple caption “feral child.”



feral child

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The photo was the first shot heard round the world, sparking speculation and tear-filled meltdowns amongst his 1.4 million followers. The storm had finally calmed after five days until the country star took to Instagram once more to post yet another piece to the puzzle, this time in the form of a video.

The video is strategically shot to conceal the woman’s identity, teasingly (or torturously) filmed mostly from behind as they walk together through the wilderness. The video showcases both the beauty of the nature they are amongst as well as the beauty of the girl he is walking with. At the very end of the clip the mystery girl shows her face but just for a second. Why so vague Mr. Hunt?


My day 1

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Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it seems Sam Hunt may be single for the summer no longer. No word from Hunt or his team on the matter of his relationship status or the identity of mystery girl, but many are questioning that the brunette beauty is the country star’s ex-girlfriend Hannah Lee Fowler (the muse for much of his Montevallo album).

While nothing has been confirmed or denied, one thing’s for certain: he’s gonna make us miss him.

You can watch (and cry along to) the questionably taken country star’s latest single “Make You Miss Me” in the video below.

So what do you all think? Is the country star taken or still single for the summer? Let us know in the comments!