Dog Born With One Eye, Monkey-Like Lips & Tail On Forehead Expected To Live

Viral Press / YouTube

In Chachoengsao, central Thailand a one-eyed mutant mutt named Kevin was born to a litter of puppies. The dog was named after the one-eyed cartoon character from the movie Minions and it appears to be functioning quite well.–aWDmSECQqpLtQ76doph3i1zXaFYUprJmTn5gkifvvhheqk0GfHCtN_LiCgfKtXKiZQ3DttEDLTDI1Ax3pX5n0ju855Ui-8aZHCUm35rZrygNGY2RH5pxjRSZcMcgruwv2AiGpyVu6zwLn6ElC7qqw6I7n8-5Mkib6JhXph4QjM19BLkvLluoPdhtZAmRjdGIfKQ6VfQR1edP6w1NMaiMfQUtk5eq_Hah6yAI6q-h3ahCEd2X-iSed597JkVsq2dtQe07rT2aQBVr1yTKKgX0O04Ii68l2LtA9ZN-VDhIZsXb-NCVDev45jP4iXfVn4zsD3dHfFYQP7KDWNa4eTaKZL3zAlkwVnV8dY_kLgCsBiIJORfQRFz3gBwTBkPcya6vxEjLb1uc0SkAn3FLLlhEp6p_0WZD_8bw-tzaiF9WEeKf4sx3naMc&theater

The cyclops pup was born deformed with a single eye in the middle of his head, along with a mouth similar to a monkey’s and some sort of growth on his forehead that resembles a tail. Most dogs born with deformities like this don’t live very long but Kevin appears to be in good health. The owners are not 100% sure if the one eye works because a newborn dog’s eyes usually take up to two months to fully develop so within time, we will find out.

His mom is an Aspin dog that originated from the Philippines that’s expected to live for 14 years, his dad is unknown. His deformities could keep him from living that long but right now he’s showing promise. Kevin can be seen in a short video below taken by his owners, Somjai Phummaman, 45, and Amphan, 49, at their home in Thailand.

“We are wishing that the puppy survives, even though it has a deformity. We want to keep him as a pet until he grows up. Everybody has been amazed by him and saying that it is a lucky sign.” Somjai’s daughter, Parn told The Sun UK.