Dog Magician Makes Simon Cowell Cry During 2019 “Britain’s Got Talent” Audition

YouTube / Got Talent Global

Standing center stage for his audition in May 2019 for Britain’s Got Talent, magician Dave, and his German Shepherd Finn took but a few minutes to bring one of the most stoic and unemotional judges to tears.

The incredible true story of Dave Wardell and his pup Finn is one that began several years ago when both of them were serving the local police department.

Dave, who incorporates Finn into his magic routine, first started their audition by having one of the judges come to the stage and write down a random word and show it to Finn (the dog) only. Next, Dave would name the word.

And when Dave got it right – the entire audience cheered loudly!

After that, Dave told the miraculous story of the deep bond that he and Finn shared – and it was then that he brought everyone (including Simon) to tears.

As Dave was serving on the police force an assailant tried to attack him with a massive 10-inch knife, but Finn leapt into action in order to protect his handler and ended up being harmed instead.

Finn was injured badly and spent a great deal of time recovering from the event. But that’s what bought these two even closer than they had been.

Now, through his magician performances, Dave has worked to get a new law titled “Finn’s Law” on the books in the United Kingdom. This law is intended to make it harder for those who harm service animals to claim they were acting in self-defense.

Watch their incredible audition on Britain’s Got Talent below – and let us know if you cried, too!