Dog Poops On The Court During Louisville’s Halftime Performance

@AlexLinton_ / Twitter

Well folks, it’s safe to say that the Louisville Cardinals are having an ahem interesting season. With only four wins and a whopping 26 losses, it’s been a real nail-biter for their fans. However, during their recent home game against Virginia Tech, things took a turn for the comical.

Picture this: a frisbee-catching dog bounds onto the court during halftime, and the crowd goes wild. The excitement builds as the pup starts to show off its skills.

But then, out of nowhere, the dog squats and leaves a little “present” on the hardwood floor. Talk about a stinky situation!

Luckily, the handler was quick on their feet and whisked the furry troublemaker off the court before things got even messier. Despite the mess (or maybe because of it?), the fans had a good laugh and some much-needed entertainment.

But unfortunately for the Cardinals, the laughs didn’t last long. They ended up losing to Virginia Tech 71-54, bringing their season record down even further.

With the regular season finale against Virginia coming up, let’s hope the team can turn things around and finish on a high note.

It’s been a tough season for Louisville, but at least they’re providing some memorable moments for their fans.

Who knows what kind of antics we’ll see from them next? Maybe they’ll bring out a tap-dancing Cardinal bird at the next game! Hey, anything’s possible.

Watch The Hilarious “Dog Poo” Moment Below