Dog The Bounty Hunter Celebrates Birthday, Moon Angell Absent From Photo

Instagram / Moon Angell, Duane Dog Chapman

After a stressful and media-filled week, Dog The Bounty Hunter went out with some of his family and close friends for a birthday dinner in Denver, Colorado on Tuesday, February 4th, 2020.

Just last week, a clip from The Dr. Oz Show was posted online showing Duane “Dog” Chapman asking his rumored girlfriend, Moon Angell, to marry him – to the shock of both Dr. Oz and Moon.

As it turned out, the whole thing was a hoax and he was giving her an insincere proposal – all to prove that they were nothing more than friends. She later said that she had been close with Beth and Dog for many years – and that she’d moved into his home.

In a post to social media on the day after his full episode aired with Dr. Oz, Dog The Bounty Hunter celebrated his 67th birthday at a local Benihana in Denver.

Alongside him were his daughter Bonnie Jo,  son Garry Chapman, and a couple of the team members from his Bounty Hunting team. Surprisingly, Moon Angell was nowhere to be seen – but perhaps she was just taking the photo?

Much of both Dog and Moon’s socials have been quiet since the episode aired.

See the full episode of Dr. Oz below.