Luke Bryan Says “Changes” Are Coming To “Idol,” But Doesn’t Explain What They Are

American Idol / Instagram

American Idol is preparing to air its 18th Season, which will be its third season in its rebooted format.

The show was temporarily canceled following Trent Harmon‘s win in 2016. After that, the show moved from its prior home network, FOX, to ABC, and the reboot’s first season aired in 2018.

The show’s former judges didn’t stick with it in the transfer, so a whole new crew had to be assembled. Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan all signed on as judges, while longtime Idol host Ryan Seacrest returned to fill his former role.

All three judges and Seacrest have stuck with the show ever since. A newer addition to the cast is country radio host Bobby Bones, who serves as a full-time mentor to the contestants.

Of course, fans of Idol expected to see new judges when the show moved from FOX to ABC. But other than that, the show has basically maintained its traditional structure, and hasn’t changed much from its original format.

However, there are some changes coming to Season 18. A little over a week before the new season’s debut, Idol released a short clip teasing some of the auditions viewers will get to see on the show.

The clip opens with an appearance from the three judges, Seacrest, and Bones as they talk about the incredible artists they’ve heard and the stories they shared.

Then, Bryan announced some alterations are coming to the show. Plus with all the new changes coming to ‘American Idol,’ everything can happen,” he said.

But that was all Bryan had to say, and the changes coming to Idol remain a secret…for now.

In the caption to its teaser video, Idol wrote that fans won’t get to learn about the changes until the premiere of the new season on February 16. So you’ll have to tune in then to see what is different about Idol this year!

Until then, get yourself hyped for the new season by watching a clip of the judges’ reactions to some of the auditions they witnessed this season. The video doesn’t show the people auditioning, so it maintains some surprise!

Are you excited for the new season of Idol? We know we are!