Magnet Fishermen Find $50,000 Stolen Harley Davidson In River

Outdoor Influencer / YouTube

Bryce Nachtwey and Jeff Hallows are YouTubers with outdoor channels and they got together in Hannibal, Missouri to create a magnet fishing video. The last thing they thought they would be pulling up from a river though was a $50,000 Harley Davidson motorcycle.

When Jeff and Bryce first got to the location they stood in the middle of a bridge and threw their magnet into the water to see what they could pull up. The first thing the magnet stuck to was an old box-spring mattress, which they pulled up and laughed about. The next thing the magnet stuck to was an old bag full of garden lamps.

It wasn’t until the third attempt of throwing their magnet into the water that they grabbed onto something heavy, really heavy. So heavy, in fact, they decided to use their car to pull the object up. They threw a grappling hook into the water and hooked onto it, then tied the other end of the rope to their vehicle.

It took them 5 attempts to pull it up but when they did they were shocked to find out it was a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Thinking it was probably stolen they called the police to come investigate the scene. A few policemen arrived and confirmed that the bike was stolen.

According to the video, the police officer says he believes it was stolen by a guy who’s in prison now and he thinks the girlfriend allegedly burned the bike and threw it into the river to cover up her boyfriend’s crime.

A towtruck arrived and finally pull the motorcycle all the way out of the water. The officers told the guys that they had to haul it off to further investigate the motorcycle and would call them if they figured something out.

Check out the YouTube video below to watch it all in detail.