Dog The Bounty Hunter Crashes Granddaughter’s TikTok Video

Duane Dog Chapman / Instagram

Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane “Dog” Chapman made a not-so-subtle appearance in one of his granddaughter Madalynn Grace Galanti’s TikTok videos last week. Chapman posted the clip on his Twitter page where his fans found the short clip hilarious. The video shows Chapman walking into the frame behind Madalynn as she attempts the dance challenge to DaBaby’s hit “Rockstar.” Madalynn is the youngest daughter of Chapman’s daughter Lyssa “Baby Lyssa” Chapman who is the 9th child out of 12.

Chapman posted the video with the caption, “When grandpa ruins your TikTok.”  He also shared the video on Instagram, where he reminded his followers of the fun fact that Maddy was born on tv, on Dog The Bounty Hunter.

The dance challenge to the song features a lot of complicated hand and body motions that TikTok users perform while adding their own twist to the dance.

Maddy’s version features her grandfather walking into the shot, smiling and waving at the camera before continuing on while accompanied by the family’s actual dog.

Even though TikTok is primarily used by teens and young adults, Chapman is proving that even grandparents can have some fun on there too.