Dog The Bounty Hunter Is Chasing Beth’s Final Bond In Her Honor

Instagram / Dog The Bounty Hunter

Even though he is still grieving the devastating loss of his beloved wife, Beth, Dog The Bounty Hunter is not letting that stop him from taking care of some unfinished business – and in Beth’s honor.

In a report posted by Fox News, Duane “Dog” Chapman opens up about this $1.5 million bounty he’s chasing and how it connects to his late wife Beth Chapman.

Beth battled throat cancer for quite some time before she passed away in June 2019 – just a few short months before their new TV reality show would air on WGN America.

The first season debuted in September and showed, in detail, the final months of Beth’s battle with cancer and her dedication to continuing to hunt down people who skipped out on their bonds.

This new hunt stems from the final bond that Beth was able to write before her passing. The person out on bond has skipped their bail and a judge has now increased the total bounty amount to $1.5 million – and Dog is determined to hunt them down.

“The bail they’ve set for him right now is $1.5 million,” Chapman told Fox News.

“He has vowed not to go back to jail. You know, he wants to hold court in the street. And so we have the anvil and we’re ready.”

The perp, who is named Kameron Lawhead, was charged with drug trafficking in March 2019 and his bail was initially set at $500,000. Lawhead has a record that dates back more than 25 years and was described as a “career criminal” by the arresting officer – according to a report by The Garden Island.

With this being the final bond of Beth’s career, Dog says that he is determined to find Lawhead, saying that he’s still mourning Beth and this is the best way to honor her.

“My tears have turned to blood,” he said.

“I’m still going to mourn for the rest of my life. But now it’s time to separate the men from the boys. So I brought my men with me, my son and my two brothers. And this guy has a very serious problem once we catch him.”

Speaking about how he remains determined even while battling his grief and loss over Beth’s passing, Dog says that it’s hard to do it all without her – but he feels she is looking down and helping him still.

“She would always threaten me with: ‘Unless you catch him, don’t talk to me tonight,'” Dog said looking back on their previous interactions. “So I kind of miss that, but I believe in the hereafter, and I believe that she’s in heaven, and I believe that she will be helping us out.”

“Of course, I’d rather have her here next to me and by my side, but she kind of is.”