Koala Kisses Girl After It Sneaks Onto Her Pool Deck To Drink Water

Lili Grace / YouTube

Lili Grace from Adelaide Hills, Australia captured one of the most adorable moments between her and a koala bear that was hanging out in a tree going through her pool deck. She says he often comes by to hang out in her tree but usually keeps to himself and ignores everyone who tries to talk to him.

However, on this particular day, it was a bit warm outside and Lili was taking a dip in the pool. The koala saw her get in and decided to climb down and investigate the pool water for himself. At this point, she decided to pull out her camera and film him.

“Usually this little fella just sits in the tree in our pool area unfazed by anything around it but this time he was keen to come and make friends,” she wrote on her YouTube channel.

Lili Grace / YouTube

The koala dips his hands into the pool to feel the cool water. Lili walked over to him while she was in the pool and cupped her hands with pool water and offered it to him. He gladly leaned over to take a sip from her hands.

Lili then got him a fresh bowl of water to drink, however, he preferred the pool water instead. He would just sit by the pool while Lila swam around for a bit until she decided to get out and sit close to him. Curious, she leaned into him and he did the same. They leaned in so close to each other their nose touched and they did an Eskimo kiss. You can see this for yourself in the video below.