Dog The Bounty Hunter Welcomes Great Grandson In New Episode

Instagram / Dog The Bounty Hunter Team, Dakota Chapman

Even amid all the health problems and tragedy the Chapman family has faced in recent months, they still have a great reason to celebrate – they’ve welcomed a brand new family member!

Dog The Bounty Hunter and his family have been recording a brand new show for the last year or so and getting ready for their big debut on WGN America with Dog’s Most Wanted.

The latest series for this famous bounty hunting family debuted on September 4th, 2019 and is the spinoff from his previous series Dog The Bounty Hunter and Dog and Beth: On The Hunt.

Dog, whose son Leland also bounty hunts on the show with him, became a grandfather (and made Dog a great grandfather) when Leland’s son Dakota welcomed his first child into the world this past winter.

The child was born in January, luckily when Beth was still around to see him – and her picture of baby Asher is just too sweet!

With the airing of the newest episode on WGN America, the show’s official Twitter account posted a clip of the day when Dog and family welcomed baby Asher into the world.

It was a beautiful moment for all of the family members. And one that was later followed by tragedy.

Beth Chapman passed away in June after a long battle with throat cancer and just a few weeks ago, Dog himself was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition: a pulmonary embolism.

While the bad times are hard, the times of great joy (like the birth of a great grandbaby) are what make it all worthwhile.