Blake Shelton Wishes Gwen Happy Birthday In Tweet – Says He Loves Her So Much It’s “Stupid”

Gwen Stefani / Instagram

Gwen Stefani celebrated her 50th birthday on Thursday (October 3), and received thousands of “happy birthday” wishes from fans around the world.

Even the team behind The Voice took the time to wish it’s four-time coach a happy birthday. “@gwenstefani makes every day a party. Today, we get to do the same for her!” read the post. The Voice also shared an image of Stefani smiling during the current season’s blind auditions, along with the text “Happy Birthday, Gwen!” across the picture.

Of course, Stefani’s fellow Voice coach and boyfriend of four years, Blake Shelton, also took some time to recognize Stefani on her special day.

Taking to Twitter, Shelton wished his girlfriend a happy birthday with a message that was equal parts romantic and hilarious. We wouldn’t expect anything less from him!

The message started off sweet, with Shelton writing, “Happy Birthday @gwenstefani!!!! I love you so much it’s actually stupid…”

Then the joking part of the tweet followed. “...And possibly illegal in the state of California,” Shelton wrote.

Shelton’s fans were touched by his happy birthday message to Stefani. Many responded to his tweet with comments of “awww” after reading his declaration of love.

And of course, fans tweeted their own happy birthday wishes for Stefani.

Even though Shelton and Stefani are dating, they aren’t afraid to battle each other on The Voice. We’ve already seen them get into a few spats over some contestants, and Stefani even used her only “block” on Shelton to nab one singer!

You can watch the hilarity that unfolded after she did that by tuning in to the clip below.

We hope Stefani had a wonderful 50th birthday with her family, friends, and loved ones!